It’s National Stop Snoring Week!


It’s Monday. Great.

But not just any Monday…

It’s the start of National Stop Snoring Week!

And before you question whether I’m being serious, the answer is yes.

Yes I am.

The main aim is to let people know that they needn’t let their snoring get in the way of their everyday life.


So fellow snorers, I decided to make us a helpful list of remedies.

A fairly creative /amusing/pointless one.

Oh and just to scare you a little, according to some survey I found in the corners of the internet, in general snorers get less sex!

That’s definitely not good!

It’s also to blame for ‘holiday disasters’

Yep, you read that right.

A crazy 52% of people have had their holiday directly affected by snoring. Some have even said it ruined the entire experience…

Oh dear.

And long flights with a snorer are avoided at all costs!!!

I feel sorry for the snorers.

Anyway, hopefully my top tips will help.

I should mention I haven’t tried any… I’m not sure I want to tbh.

Those Old Wives Tales are certainly imaginative.

  • Eat a teaspoon of horseradish before going to bed. It’s supposed to clear your nasal passage…
  • Mix garlic in boiling water and gargle for two minutes. Then when cool enough, drink it all up.
  • Sow a tennis ball to the back of your pjs so it prevents you from sleeping on your back.
  • Place a bowl of water in the room so it ‘humidifies’ the air…
  • Nose exercises. Although I have yet to find any. Perhaps flaring the nostrils? Who knows.
  • Sucking a dummy.
  • Drink a pint of hot milk before bed
  • Place a pack of ham under your pillow
  • Put a small blob of toothpaste under each nostril. Apparently this is the method used by the great Prince Charles!

Well, I hope that helps…

It made me chuckle a little.

Although obviously don’t believe everything you read…

If you want some serious advice on how to help snoring issues then Google it.

Good luck this week fellow snorers!

And snore no more!




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