South Korean Surgical Trend For Joker Style Grin

joker smile

South Korea is the frontrunner when it comes to plastic surgery, however bizarre, and a shocking one in five of the population have undergone some form of surgical treatment.

Worryingly this disturbing new perma-smile fad is taking the populace by storm.

Yes, women in South Korea are going to extreme lengths in order to achieve a ‘more Western face’ by way of this new surgical procedure call the ‘smile lipt’.

The ‘lipt’ is supposed to be a combination of ‘lip’ and ‘lift’.

It involves making a small slice on either corner of the mouth, curling the skin and manipulating the muscles into a permanent joker-like smile.

Patients wish to avoid the melancholy impression that downturned mouth corners can give, and are prepared to take drastic risks to achieve a brighter and happier expression, despite the possibility of significant scarring and overcorrection.

The procedure was being talked about at a plastic surgeons conference back in 2012 and it is now fast becoming a roaring success.

Jaw surgery that involves removing bone to realign the jaws is also proving to be a hit, giving the face a softer appearance.

It is meant to create a V-shaped chin and jawline but worryingly, almost half of the patients that undergo this bizarre and dangerous procedure are left being unable to chew or swallow!

That really sounds appealing.

Check out the link for a short video clip explaining this creepy new trend.

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