Rihanna: Pour It Up – Her Trashiest Video Yet

rihanna pour it up

It’s fairly obvious Rihanna is pretty shameless.

But this video takes shameless to a whole new level.

Practically a porn film, her video includes thrusting her crotch in the camera, legs wide open for the majority and licking money (as you do…). Not to mention the endless twerking and pole dancers.

Call me old fashioned but this is just cheap and tacky, particularly considering all the young impressionable girls that are going to be watching this.

I guess we can forget the duck pouting and raised eyebrows now.

Yes, sex sells but surely this is too far?

And tbh it’s getting pretty tiresome. Rihanna, I’m bored of seeing you practically naked draped over men/women/motorbikes/everything you seem to encounter.

When I watched it the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a glamorisation of prostitution.

Chucking money all over the floor and practically naked women shaking their stuff in the camera, Notes stuffed down knickers and bras, ‘riding’ a chair. Trashy doesn’t even come close.

Rihanna and her posse were asked by Vevo to tone down the video before it was published on YouTube. So basically, this is the ‘toned down’ version. Oh wow. I don’t even want to think what the original was like.

rihanna legs

Maybe this video is so explicit because the song is so mind-numbing? I guess they need to sell it somehow.

There are about four words in the song, repeated over and over.

And over.

The only thing that stopped me from slipping into a coma was the audacity of the video.

Don’t get me wrong RiRi, if you enjoy being a slut in front of the whole world then go right ahead. But this woman is supposed to be a role model.

A role model to aspiring prozzies and strippers? Pfffft it’s simply unnecessary and crude.

Where’s the self-respect?

You make Miley Cyrus look almost classy.

rihanna money

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