Thumb Man


So I was at work earlier talking to a girl I sit near and I mentioned Thumbman.

Her response was ‘who?’

My eyes widened and I felt a twinge of disbelief… How can you not know Thumbman?

I thought everyone knew him. The internet sensation who has I’m sure been the cause of many laughs and smiles across the globe.

So, I took it as my duty to introduce her (via Google images) to Thumbman.

But then I thought; what about all the other people who don’t know of the existence of this guy?

It’s vital that you know.

Which brings me to the point of this little post. For all of you who haven’t heard of him til now. You are most welcome.

In a nutshell, Thumbman is a bloke who looks exactly like a thumb. He doesn’t seem to have a neck or any ears… A bit unfortunate for him, but definitely funny. And he takes it in his stride, even calling himself Thumbman.

What a legend!

So there you have it. Now you can sleep easy.

Thumbs up to you Thumbman!

thumbman close up

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